We get the questions many times, “do you give a life vest when participating in the Dolphin Swim program?” Orlando and St Augustine locations does require all participants to wear a life vest. In Orlando, you can wear some sort of wet suit too, either a sleeveless or long sleeve style wet suit top only. The wet suits are given out all year long. Your legs won’t be covered. In St Augustine, wet suits are only given out on very cold days or winter months.

Here are some answers to help you with this question….

  1. Life Vest are mandatory during the Dolphin Swim in Orlando and St Augustine.
  2. The pool is about 10 – 15 feet deep for the dolphin swim in St Augustine. The snorkel pool in Orlando has some parts in 10 – 15 feet of water.
  3. In Orlando, you will be mostly in 3 to 4 feet of water, even during your ride. So you feet can touch the bottom most of the time.

Now, the other big question, we get quite often is about wetsuits.

Here are some answers for you…

  1. Wetsuits are provided at no extra charge.
  2. We have all types of sizes, from very small to extra big. So don’t worry if you are a large person, we have a wet suit to fit you.

One thing, please bring a bathing suit (swim wear ) to wear under your wet suit.

We hope this helps you!

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