As you enter the park, you will be given a map and a list of things to do while inside Discovery Cove. One the cool and neat stops is the Tropical Bird Aviary. I have meet some people that are really scared of birds and if you are one of those, please let me rest assure you the birds are inside an aviary and don’t fly within the park. However, if you like birds like me or really love them, you will see and get to interact with a lot species of them.

When you venture beyond the beaches and the waterfalls of Discovery Cove, you will enter a hidden treasure, the Explorer’s Aviary. This is where an inspiring natural habitat of 30 species of birds will sing with the rhythm of wings and the melodies of their birdsongs.

You can watch as hundreds of colorful birds soar above and around you and feel your heart soar as a feathered friend glides in to meet you and nibble fruit from your hand. When you feed the birds is when you really get upclose to them.

You can enter the Discovery Cove’s sprawling 100 foot long, free-flight aviary as many times as you want through out the day. You just go past the Tropical River’s magnificent waterfalls and the aviary is waiting for you to enter it. This aviary is unique because it spans both land and water and is the home to over 30 species of tropical birds that you can mingle with, talk to, touch and even feed.

The is a great treat and is included in your Orlando Swim with Dolphin Ticket you have purchased. FYI, This is NOT available in St Augustine.

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