For the Orlando Dolphin Swim program, you do not need to bring any sunscreen. Sunscreen will be provided through out the park and plenty of it. So lather is on and on and on, all day long to keep the sunburns away. Most sunscreens you buy in the store have an ingredient that burns humans and dolphins eyes. So Discovery Cove has a special blend of sunscreen made for the Guests and the Dolphins. It is SPF 30 so your skin will be well protected.

For the St Augustine Dolphin Swim program, you can bring your own sunscreen but you can not wear while with the dolphins. Since this program is only 30 minutes in the water with the dolphins, you won’t need to have any sunscreen on because you will be in the water and wearing a life vest. As soon as your dolphin experience is over, you can put on your sunscreen to walk through the park and watch the dolphins and all the animal exhibits.

In Florida, especially in the summer, sun screen is a must. Within a hour, your skin will turn bright red. So protect yourself and have fun with the dolphins!!

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