Finally the cooler weather is here in Central Florida.

Welcome to Central Florida’s Fall weather, when the average high temperature is 80 degrees during the daytime and the night is a wonderful 70 degrees.

September is our slowest month and weather is great. Then comes October with Halloween and all the candy that comes with that holiday.

Our favorite fall month is November, the weather is always perfect in that month, not too hot, not too cold. The Hurricane season is officially over. So that is a relief for many travellers. In this month, we celebrate Thanksgiving which is 4 day holiday for most families. The hotel room rates are very reasonable during this time too!!

December is very slow before Christmas and Hanukkah. If you want the park to be very empty, then you need to come from December 1 through 15. Now the weather gets a little cooler here, mid 70 degrees during the day and mid 60 degrees at night. If you live in South Florida, you think it is really cold but not for our northern guests.

Dress during the fall months is alway casual, we recommend shorts for boys/men and light floral dresses for girls/women. Also, coming to Florida means wearing your best flip-flop or sandals.

So you can definitely add some excitement to your Central Florida vacation with a  Dolphin Swim in Orlando area where the water temperature will be in the 70 degrees. With your wetsuit that is provided, you will very comfortable in and out of the water.

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