Transportation is always key when coming to Orlando. If you are staying at a SeaWorld hotel around Orlando, transportation to Discovery Cove is included in the hotel stay. So that is a no brainer to do that, take the free transportation to the park. However, many of you will be staying NOT at a Seaworld hotel and you will have to ask these questions, Do you want to drive your own car? Do you want someone else to drive for you?

Do you want to drive your own car? Parking is free at the Orlando Dolphin Swim and free at the St Augustine Dolphin Swim, so that will help your pocket book a little. But if you are coming to the Orland Dolphin Swim at Discovery Cove, Alcohol is served for Free, beer, wine and frozen drinks. Since it is as much as you want, you may get a little tipsy and don’t want to take a chance on a DUI or an accident when leaving the park. You may want to get a designated driver or use a transportation service if you think you might be drinking alcohol. For me, I am a light weight and 2 drinks and I am goner but there are many that can drink a lot. Please make a good choice on what to do. This is something you should think about and plan before hand.

Do you want someone else to drive for you? If you want someone to drive for you, you have a few options. There is always Uber and Lyft. This always a reliable and cost effective form of transportation. Then there is a local taxi. There are plenty of taxi around the parks but will cost you more than uber or lyft. Then we offer a private van service, you may want to consider.

If you want our van service, please contact for pricing.

So hopefully you make the right choice for you and your family and friends. Picking the right transportation option will make your experience at the parks soooo perfect.

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