Planning your Day at Discovery Cove is so much different than most dolphin facilities because it is a full day of activities, starting from 7:30am to 5pm. So the big thing is to decide do you want to spend the full day or not. We highly recommend this program because you will have time to have fun but most importantly relax too! In Orlando, it is very hard to relax because everything is go, go, go.

So you have a few choices, Full Day with Dolphins and Relaxing, or Half Day with other Orlando activities in the day, or You only wants Dolphins and nothing else.

Full Day with Dolphins and Relaxing – This is my favorite option. If you have the full day to enjoy Discovery Cove, you will arrive at 7:30am because all the dolphin swims in Orlando are first come, first served. You will get breakfast and lunch buffet, unlimited drinks, beer, wine, frozen drinks and soft drinks and unlimited snacks all day. Find yourself a lounge chair and put all your belongings on it and relax and enjoy it. With the hustle and bustle of Orlando, you will love that you can have fun, relax and have a pampered great day.

Half Day with other Orlando Activities – If you are the type that wants to pack a lot of activities in the day, you can still make this happened at Discovery Cove. You will still need to get up early and arrive at the park by 7:30am because as I mentioned the dolphin program is first come, first serve, this means if you want the first dolphin swim at 10am or 10:30am, you need to be there early to get it.  The dolphin program will take about 2 hours to complete because you have 30 minutes in the water with the dolphins, educational briefing before hand, changing time, and looking at your photos. So the earliest you can leave Discovery Cove is about 12:30pm if everything runs exactly as planned. Then you can head out by 1pm and do other activities in Orlando.

You want Dolphins Only and Nothing Else – If this is the case, then you need to drive to St Augustine for our dolphin swim program there. Remember, the drive to St Augustine is about 2 hours from Orlando. In St Augustine, you will have the dolphin swim or encounter and not much else. The Dolphin facility is on the beach, so you can make it a beach day if that is something you would like to have.

Planning your day with the dolphins will make the experience so much more enjoyable and everyone will be happier that way.

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